Our Restaurant

The restaurant -Captain Drake's Pub- reminds you the medieval pirate world and it has a romantic ,,boot inside" part.

Our menu gives a wide range of choosing even if you like the national or the special taste of dishes. For your meal we offer a tasteful home made and national wines as well.

Even if you wish a special cocktail, bear or just some coffe specialities, please join us in our terrace, or in the Pub between this unique circumstances.

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  • Cathedral Xantus János Museum
  • Kovács Margit gallery
  • Bishop’s castle
  • Diocese treasury and library
  • Borsos miklós Collection
  • Castlecellar Stone collection
  • Balet of Gyõr and National Theatre
  • „Summer of Gyõr” programs
  • Pannonhalma- Benedictine main Abbey and Arboretum
  • Sokoróaljai Weinarea


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