Event hall

hotel gyor eskuvo konferencia osztalytalalkozo 03At the ground floor we have an -separate- air conditioned event hall, which is suitable for a conferences, business meetings, weddings and balls or other events up to 90 heads.
Our technical equipment:
  • TV
  • video
  • CD player
  • tape recorder
  • louding system
  • flip chart table
  • overhead projector


hotel gyor eskuvo konferencia osztalytalalkozo 02If you have any other special request or you need more information, please contact with us one of the following availabilities:

Hotel Golden Deer***
9025 Gyor
Rado setany 1.
Telephon: +36 20 278 3229
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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  • Cathedral Xantus János Museum
  • Kovács Margit gallery
  • Bishop’s castle
  • Diocese treasury and library
  • Borsos miklós Collection
  • Castlecellar Stone collection
  • Balet of Gyõr and National Theatre
  • „Summer of Gyõr” programs
  • Pannonhalma- Benedictine main Abbey and Arboretum
  • Sokoróaljai Weinarea


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